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Is your Business being found on the first pages of the internet’s search engines for keywords that relate to your business? If not, your company could be losing out on a lot of opportunities to your competition by not having your business listed within the top pages of organic search results. Consumers use Google, Bing, Yahoo & other search engines to find you. But are you being found where they are looking? Sqwoosh Marketing Group’s search engine optimization will get you to the front pages of search engines for the keywords that target your business so that you can start getting more customers!

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Search Engine Optimization

Obtain more customers with visibility share for keywords related to your business throughout the first pages of multiple search engines.

Never scroll past the first page of search engine results.

Clicks go to the 3 top results in search engines.

Say when they are ready to purchase they’ll “search for you”.

Agree that SEO has the biggest impact on lead generation.

Get found locally! Get more customers at your local store!

National SEO

Get found nationally! Get customer’s from across the nation!

Rank Tracking

Monitor your keywords and search rankings! To the top and beyond!

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Search Engine Optimization

National Search Engine Optimization (or predominantly SEO), focuses on ranking your website & business throughout the entire nation and beyond! This is perfect for businesses that are in multiple locations around the nation, operate an online store or are wanting to encapsulate customers from other states and countries in the world without geographic limitations!

Get Found More

Get More Leads

Get More Customers

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Local Search Engine Optimization

Local Search Engine Optimization focuses on getting you ranked in your local area. This is fantastic for business owners that operate a local storefront or services that depend on foot traffic and local residents for business.  We implement a unique strategy to get you placed on search engines like Google, Bing & Yahoo’s local map listings for keywords that will generate leads to your store or services.



Online 24/7 Rank Tracking

Track your rank anytime, anywhere! Simply login to your dashboard and see how your campaign is doing. View very detailed statistics and analytics to see how you stack up against the competition! View and monitor the health of your entire search engine optimization at moments notice. See details such as keywords you’re ranking for and how you’re ranking for it. 

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