Core Process | 3Ds


We take a peak into the soul of your business. Sqwoosh will define your baselines, your needs, and your ultimate goals to discover which marketing services your business will benefit from the most


Take a seat. We’ll design a unique service strategy based on our discoveries to give you the best optimal results from web design, graphics to a full blown online digital marketing campaign.


From discovery, to design, comes the deployment of your solution(s). We get the ball rolling and implement your services into the real world so that you can start reaping it’s benefits!


    You've got business goals, we've got great ideas to get you there. First, let's take notes on what your goals are, discuss your needs, wants and learn more about your company. We will provide a report on your current digital marketing efforts, and find the weak links that needs strengthening. Overall, Sqwoosh will deliver solutions that is only needed and are worthwhile to benefit your business. We won't provide you unnecessary services that will not give you the results you're looking for.

    In our discovery process Sqwoosh Digital's objective is to help you define your baselines to give us a better idea on what it is that you really need, what will work and what will help your company gain more customers. We also look at your competition and see how you stack against them and how well you are doing in your industry.

    If you've had services with other companies before, this is the best time to let us know so we can correct, fix or build on from where they left off.

    Let's Discover.


    To the drawing board! Sqwoosh Digital's expert marketing team will design and put together a plan of action. We will create an intuitive strategic marketing plan that we will carry out for your company. The timeline will include step-by-step guide on what we will do, and how it will be carried out including it's time frames for each procedure.

    Our strategic planning design will outline all crucial services that we will deploy based on our discoveries to make sure our clients get the best bang for their buck and to help them generate the most optimal leads. Each client will have their own unique design plans suited to their company as each business has their own goals and priorities. We create a custom tailored plan that works for you.

    Our design process includes but not limited to: Website designing and strategy, search engine optimization strategies, social media marketing strategy, reputation management strategy, branding design planning and more!


    Get ready, and prepare for take off, the ship is about to blast off! With discovery, and design on the table, we are ready to deploy our client's services into the digital marketing space.

    With careful planning, comes the careful deployment of our client's online digital marketing campaigns to make sure it all syncs together like a well oiled machine. We understand that one wrong move can mean disaster. That's why Sqwoosh Marketing Group takes the 2 prior steps into creating a seamless deployment procedure.

    From here, Sqwoosh will put forward our client's services so that they can reap all the glory and benefits of their marketing campaign from Website Designs, to Search Engine Optimization, to Social Marketing, Reputation Marketing and the whole shabang of what Sqwoosh Marketing Group offers! Client's will have a platform and interface to track, monitor and interact with their marketing service to ensure everything is going as well intended.

    In addition, we provide incremental progress and executive reports that outlines your results for each service. We also provide each client with quality customer service that is accessible whenever you're ready to pick up the phone and give us a call. We offer transparency of services so you, the client, will see how well Sqwoosh works for you!

    Together, let's deploy a marketing campaign that will outshine your competition and put the spotlight on your company!